Another Trip

Lyrics and Music written by Sean Rickman ©1989 

I feel the earth shake
I cannot see it move but I can feel it
For just your own sake
Can you feel the groove?
And don’t forget how God is watching you
But do you really care?
Your feet are on the ground but are you really there?
What a time change to have mistaken us
Cuz we are higher
Our possessions, our desires
And if our lie goes on, how will life really be
When we lose it
And if we were to change would we do it?

See the world changin’
Hear what I’m sayin’
All my hair is turning gray
Notice when the wind blows
Wipe away your sorrows
Try our love

What you’re feelin’ is not merely pain
But just a pleasure
You always let it come back again
If you’re livin’ on another trip
Will you tell me?
Cuz I’ll tell you that it’s really hip

If there’s a lesson that never will be learned
Will you hear it?
If you do it will you live again?

Mind over matter but will you let it win
Or will you kill it?
When can we visit another planet?
Always seeing what’s not really there
When you’re trippin’
If a wonder could be a miracle