Lyrics are as important to the song as the music it accompanies. They are coexistent.

Each time I approach a lyric, the subject at hand is of course, the focus. There are other characteristics, dimensions, angles and viewpoints from which many lyrics can be drawn. I grew up listening to many lyricists and was always fascinated by how they could say so much with so little. Popular Music thrives on this formula.

Music is a language in many ways and needs no verbal lyric to become such. However in vocal music, the lyric adds as much dimension and meaning as a musical tone, rhythmic chant, chord progression, harmony, or melody.

One of my main challenges as a songwriter are finding the right words with the right rhythms and vowel sounds that can tonally accompany the music as well as reveal the straight forward message. It’s a very difficult thing to keep simple, fresh and familiar simultaneously.

With lyrics I reveal my personality, preferences, satisfaction, disappointments, beliefs, faith, losses, and triumphs.