My Blues

Lyrics and Music written by Sean Rickman ©2008 

Sometimes I get around just to get around
I raise my head and I’m known in this town
Never lost, I always can be found
Hold my head up high

My blues, my news
Is nothin’ new to you
My blues, my views
Are nothin’ new to you
My blues, my news
Ain’t nothin’ new to you

Days go by and I am always here
Always happy to be here another year
I walk alone and I’m not in fear
This means nothin’ to you

Everybody here was helpin’ out
They knew what my story was about
Learned a new lesson and took a new route
Absolutely nothin’ to you

You won’t forget me in the end
All the time I used to spend
If you ever want to you know we could begin
Means nothin’ to you