sposed 2b

Lyrics and Music written by Sean Rickman ©2008 BMI

For better or worse you know it was the way it was and is
You talk of the way you used to chase the most and the way it was

Time it takes to long when I heard this song
You know it was my reality
Things that go at will and you know the real
You know it was my sensitivity

Things were the way they were, it was the way it was and is
My body clock is tearin’ up the way it is and will be

I know my head ain’t right
That’s why I’m feelin’ so uptight
Life ain’t what it’s ‘sposed to be
All I did was wait around
But I‘m hearin’ that same old sound
You know that life ain’t what its ‘sposed to be

I put it up the way it was and always will be
You tore it up and you will be the way you are