The Man

Lyrics and Music written by Sean Rickman ©1990, 2008 

Comin’ down the street you ride alone
Every face may stare is not your own
Through the mirror shades are on your head
Wonder will you’ll live or will be dead

Wheels are turnin’ barely touch the ground
We can hear the motors of your sound
Touch and go your will to fellow me
Fears are comin’ for your destiny

Are you willin’ to run?
Rescue them
Are you willin’ to turn?
Rescue them

Travel through the crown you see the glare
You’re the only one with cutting hair
Figures stand erect they hear the groan
Watchin’ you deceive and fight your own

Minds are movin’ in your galaxy
Break the Chain and you will follow me
Never fearing death is there and now
To the lane you will be drivin’ down

Earth is shaking where the ground is wet
For the girl the man she’s never get
Near the battle muscle to the bone
Rock be rollin’ through a southern home

In the fightin’ of the burnin’ crime
Brother, come and make your place in time
Ridin’ through the wretched blooded sea
All my courage days will follow me (yeah)