The Son

Lyrics and Music written by Sean Rickman ©1989, 2008 

Open your eyes and stop telling your lies
You can touch the valley and see the son
Fix your ways and wake out of your daze
Everyone is waitin’ to see what’s done

We can’t go on being evil for too long
Rise out of hatred; tell everyone
It’s very clear that out god will be here
Let’s start getting’ ready to see the son

Hear my cry when I keep moving up
Notice why I say I won’t give up
You got our money and you live it up
But you’ll be sorry when you see the son

The time is near; we’ve got something to fear
We already know it’s just begun
Listen clear; your instinct is merely
False premonition of what you’ve done

In your mind you think you are higher
Let’s escape the fire and see the son
Our wrong is right; our right is so wrong
Can’t live this way long; come see the son