Lyrics and Music written by Sean Rickman ©1989 

You sit around layin on the ground
Just thinkin’ of what your gonna do
Readin’ stories of successful people livin’
Lookin’ at their pictures starin’ right at you

Stop talkin’ ‘bout all your plans
Don’t wait around give demand
Look at the clock another day has gone flyin’

You gotta be a winna
Fakin’ outside of the inner
Your time is just a keeper
Don’t live your life a seeker

Your mind is high, your action very low
Hittin’ on your pipe with nowhere to go
If you really could put your mind to it
Don’t talk about it, ya gotta really do it

Tommorow is just another day
Don’t beat your head control your destiny
If you really got potential livin’ in you
All you got to do is go out and really do it